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Is anal bleaching healthy?

You may not know yet that there is something like anal bleaching, and this question comes as a shocker. Yes, there is anal bleaching, and quite a number of people have already done it.

First things first; what is anal bleaching? It is when you literally whiten the skin around your anus with a bleach to make it all uniform. That’s not such a rocket-science definition, and you could probably figure that out on your own.

But the question here is: is anal bleaching healthy? It would be hardly possible to get the right answer for this question without looking at the health risks that come with this process. After assessing the risk, then we will find a conclusive answer.

Anal bleaching health risks

Anal fissures

These are tears and breaks on your behind. They take some time to heal and may result in serious wounds. The pain is not good for you and skipping this process may be a good decision.


Lasting pain

The process is a pretty painful one. It will hurt your butt and that pain takes long to go away. It is not healthy to cause unnecessary pain to your body, so this puts anal bleaching in the basket of not-to-do things on your body.


With the fissures and scars, you are exposing your behind to a galore of infections. They may start as simple irritation and then become serious wounds. Treating them will not be an easy task, and this is something you did not have to do after all.

Permanent scars

The use of laser after the process complicates things. You may be left with scars on you. Whether this counts as healthy or not, you really have to factor it out before you proceed with the process.


To some, these risks may only be temporary, so they do not see the reason why not to go ahead and have their anus bleached. Yes, these may be only temporary risks but what if they become something major? For this doubts, you should really think twice before you go full gear to have your anus bleached.

The anus is a very sensitive area and tampering with it may literally open a can of worms. Conclusively it is not worth to risk the anal burn since there is not much gain coming from it. But if done professionally and in safe conditions, then this process is not all that dangerous. In fact, you can even do it safely at home. Go to www.AnalBleachingGuide.com/at-home-diy and find out how.